Stay in Australia legally with your love ones

Australia is a fantastic place to stay. There are a lot of job opportunities for people with different educational level. Moreover, the country is worth seeing because there are a lot of unusual animal spices and breath-taking views.

Australia is also a country where live beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen. If you meet the person you care about and the person live in Australia, now you have an opportunity to move to Australia and start the living with the Australian.

Nevertheless, every person who plans to stay in Australia for a longer time, need to apply for a visa. Luckily, there is a special visa that is suitable for the partners of citizens of Australia – it is called partner visa.

Who can apply for partner visa perth?

The partner visa perth is dedicated to few groups of people. They are following:

  • people who intend to get married in the nearest future – the people will definitely receive partner visa perth especially when they declare the willingness of getting married within three months from the date of arrival to Australia. The husband or wife may count on permanent or temporary partner visa perth that will be verified within few years until the person receives permanent partner visa perth.
  • Married partners – sometimes the residents of Australia live in different country and gets married in the country. Later, the husband and wife want to move to Australia and the spouse may count on partner visa perth. The partner visa perth procedures are similar like in the first case when engaged people arrive in Australia.
  • De facto partners – the migration office allows also to receive the partner visa perth people who are not married. In the Australian law, de facto partners mean people who had a relationship as a couple living together on a genuine domestic basis.
  • Same-sex partners – Australia is a very tolerant country and there is no problem for the people who create same-sex relationship. Moreover, they are also taken into consideration when it comes to applying for partner visa perth.

Love knows no boundaries – it is an English proverb that is a great summary of the article. In fact, if you want to be with someone, there are no boundaries for you. What is more, the statement is also well-known for the Australia authorities that have created the partner visa perth that gives the possibility to spend the life with the person who you really love – it does not have to be your next door neighbourhood, it can be someone from the different corner of the world.

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