Calla Lily Collection

Our collection offers perfectly tailored dresses that are designed for our tasteful and always well-dressed customers who know very well that when you are sure of your appearance then no criticism can affect you. The properly chosen dress reflect your personality. All that you decide to wear express your style and your mood. Usually, ”there isn’t any second chance to make the first impression”. Having this in mind we help our clients with the professional advice, professional staff, and professional collection that create a possibility to find unique disguisement for a woman which nicely exposes the silhouette.

We know that to look astonishing one has to feel that way and to achieve this effect we show our client what effects can a given type of a dress evoke. We help the clients to find themselves in a certain style, what means that it is a mutual cooperation where the voice of the client is recognized and taken into the consideration and supported with the knowledge of our specialists. Combining and joining various items of clothing with the shoes and underwear all that when composed in one wisely chosen whole, often results in the marvelous and strong effect of beauty that emanates with self-confidence. Discovering your style with us will be a really enjoyable process with the perfect and satisfying outcome.

We are prepared not only to spot the needs of the client, bout also to predict them. Our designers meet every expectation and every sublime taste. They find the inspiration in the experimental approach to design which together with their profound knowledge and experiences helps them make new quality dresses that are strikingly exclusive. One of a kind and fresh designs are expressive and irresistible. These unique designs will emphasize your individualism. You will definitely dazzle everyone at any event you are planning to attend.

With our stylists you will learn how much the detail counts. And what are other visual secrets that affect the way you look and that can be applied on a special day or in the everyday context We are here to provide you with the dresses that are flattering for your body type and add a great dose of balance to your body’s shape.

It is worth to have this in mind that to choose nicely you have to be surrounded by the material that is worth your attention. We provide our clients with the choice, with the experts’ advice with and with the positive atmosphere. Every wardrobe needs from time to time some reinvention, a fresh view a change that would prevent boredom.

Our collection offers the various but as well rare cocktail dresses and exclusive ball dresses. Cocktail dresses are often chosen for semi-formal occasions. Women wearing them often are seen chic, but this type of dresses does not introducing the distance. It is a balance between the elegance, charm and softness.

Ball dresses do not appear in everyday context, but when they appear they signalised some spacial events, a day in a life. That is a day in a life when a woman is aware that to have fun it is worth to take care of the good mood and find a really unusual creation that will remind her that she deserves the best. These are the occasions that allow more brave attire and that demand more meticulous approach in searching, with our stylish inspirations and qualified staff you won’t be disappointed.

Our ball dresses are done with the various texture the delicate lace or based on contrast accents, of usual length or dresses of asymmetrical length. Cocktail dresses often of a knee-length with the sleeves or strapless, with the lace or without them, slinky or slacks, bold and glittery or quiet and peaceful, with lightweight or heavy texture. After proper selection they allow you to impress anyone that you wish to impress. The dresses from our collection highlight your style personality and your mood, they allow to be noticed in the crowd and to be memorized as well-dressed luxurious women. They have a lot of advantages and they are worth of trying on.

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